The Quinta dos Curubás is located in the municipality of Vila Franca do Campo, 1.5 km from Marina and Vinha d’Areia beach, and 2 km away from the historic area of town. We are located in the central part of the Island, ideal for visiting many places. The five houses that make up the Quinta are surrounded by a garden with a 9000m2 area protected by bushes, inviting our guests to take relaxing strolls and where the children can play freely.

The garden has plant species from several Continents.

Because the Azores islands have a warm climate and are bathed by the Gulf Stream, it is easy to grow a wide variety of fruit. The Quinta has an orchard that with a partnership with Quinta da Palmeira grows many different types of fruit including oranges, cherimoyas, passion fruits, strawberry guavas, guavas, mangos, limes, papayas, avocados and one fruit in particular, the banana passion fruit or Curubá, the fruit that gives the name to the Quinta dos Curubás. The Quinta also has a vegetable garden producing beans, tomatoes, lettuces and onions, among other produce. We use our own garden compost, made on the Quinta.

The garden has a few domestic animals, turtles (terrapins), ducks and chickens that roam free, as well as peacocks and other birds that visit the Quinta, like wood pigeons, starlings, goldcrests (smallest bird in Europe) and goldfinches among others.

Regarding day-to-day management, all of the operations on the Quinta are targeted to comply with good environmental practices, like rainwater collection and the use of biological detergents.


Here on Quinta dos Curubás we believe that living in a different way is possible. Hence the Quinta dos Curubás is strongly committed to sustainability, efficiency, reducing waste and in the use of healthy products for the environment. We also feel it’s important to help our community because it is what supports and validates our journey towards sustainability. We mainly believe that living in tune with nature is something logical and actually quite pleasant.

Quinta dos Curubás has an Environment Policy with its own initiatives and some recommendations inviting guests to make their stay as light for the environment as a feather. Some of the adopted practices include:

Water management

  •        • Rainwater is collected for use in toilets and for the garden, using a drip irrigation system in the cooler time of the day

  •        • Bed linen is changed at the request of the guest, or after 4 days.

  •        • The washing and drying machines are used only with full loads and the detergents used are biological.

Energy Management

  •        • All equipment is electric, no gas is used

  •        • All electric equipment is of low energy and the water is heated by solar energy

  •        • When possible all utilities work from 22h to 6h

  •        • The Quinta has won an award by the electrical company E.D.A.: Energetic Efficiency Diploma, corresponding to a usage reduction of 13% in the years 2013\2014

Waste management

  •        • Organic waste is reused, recycled, separated for recycling or returned to credited suppliers

  •        • Organic waste is used in making compost

  •        • Guests are encouraged to recycle and be informed and guided about the recycling process

Social responsibility

  •        • We have a partnership with a nursing home for recycling used cork.

  •        • We are also in partnership with Quinta da Palmeira for the supply of locally grown fruits and vegetables

  •        • Our houses were made in Portugal.

  • Rainwater collection station
  • Recycling
  • Solar Panels